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Electronic Media for Development is a Ugandan-based Non-Governmental Organization founded in 2012 by seasoned Media practitioners to advocate for Community and National Development through Production, Broadcast and open-air screening of feature films, short stories, documentary films, video messages, PSAs, Radio and TV programmes that address issues pertinent to Development. Such issues among others include, food security, poverty, Health, water & sanitation, peace & reconciliation, environmental conservation, domestic violence, women emancipation & empowerment, corruption, disaster preparedness, culture, education, child labour, human rights, gender justice.

We are motivated by our belief that communication is a key component of sustainable development. Community members can only be mobilized for community development purpose when communication is effective.

The raging reinless technological inequity against underrepresented village communities coupled with little and often times non-representative Main-stream Media coverage of the real issues affecting these communities greatly concerns us. We seek to retrench the trend by bringing educational Electronic Media to marginalized communities, creating an environment sympathetic to social interaction using didactic yet memorable films, community videos & Radio/TV Dramas that showcase success stories, generate awareness, stimulate debate and initiate change of attitudes, behaviour and lifestyles.

Our activities are not limited to documenting reality and revealing internal problems but mainly reaching people and interacting with communities, offering a programming that deals with their problems, their culture and their daily lives.

VISION: To foster development through increased  community participation and awareness.

MISSION: To influence information sharing about opportunities, best practices and constraints amongst communities through broadcast and open-air screening.


• Entertain the public and at the same time stimulate creation of a Democratic environment for thriving development.

• Provide free professional hands-on training in Video/Film, TV and Radio production to unemployed youths.

• Master-mind the development of Electronic Media in Uganda by organizing, film festivals, workshops and seminars.

• Offer communications consultancy to partnering NGOs both local and international.